Wires are produced by light drawing, with traditional or special alloys, according to each customer’s requirements.

This line of products is focused basically on the electronic and telecommunication areas, although there are important applications in other segments of industry. In the manufacturing of containers, the so-called tin wire, an essential component to seal cans of food and other similar products by welding, is widely used. The copper rod, or Jumbo Elox, as it is usually known, is used as raw material in the manufacture of wires, cables and cordages for the energy sector. Wires made of elox copper, electrolytic copper and silver copper are used for conductors in general, collectors, rivets, transformers, reels, electronic components and contact sections.

Wires made of tomback brass are used in the production of flexible hoses, jewelry, accessories, special sponges and ornaments. 70 / 30 brass is used to make wires for rivets, screws, jewelry, springs, ornaments and electro erosion material. Parts that require machining and stamping are usually made of forjaflex brass wire. Screws, sanitary ware metals and tire valves are made of CLA and CLE brass.

Trolley sections, made from electrolytic copper, are used in the overhead wires of trolleybuses, according to the required standards.

Special alloys are also used to produce fine threads, like alpaca, for accessories and glasses frames. Cobredur and everdur bronze is used to produce cold stamped nuts and screws, and copper and brass wires for welding operations in general.

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