Aluminum Bus Bars for Electrical Purposes

Aluminum Bus Bars TM are manufactured for electrical purposes from high quality raw material and are obtained by a hot extrusion process followed by a cold draw process.

Its function is to conduct the electric current in an optimized way without compromising the mechanical resistance, without significant temperature change, keeping the other properties of the material unchanged.

It is a product in which so-called aluminum electrical alloys must be used, in which the presence of the chemical element boron, although in residual content, indicates the purpose for electrical use.

Aluminum bus bars are increasingly used in electrical projects of buildings, condominiums, industrial facilities and large plants, being present in electrical transformers, electric panels and of varied equipment, substations and cabins of electrical energy, interconnection of generator systems, protection systems and others.

The most commonly used alloys are: AA 1350, in the H111, H12, O or F tempers, with conductivity greater than 61% IACS; and the AA 6101 alloy, with higher mechanical strength, in the T6, T61, T63, T64 and T4 tempers, with electrical conductivity higher than 56% IACS (except for the T4 temper).

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