Refrigeration Tubes

Drysealed tubes, inner grooved tubes and pancakes are produced as ASTM B743, B280 and B903 in phosphorus copper alloy (UNS-C12200), annealed and supplied in rolls with sealed ends. They are highly resistant and do not absorb organic materials, have excellent application in cooling systems, air conditioning compressors, white goods, commercial refrigerators, evaporators, heat exchangers, water purifiers, among others.

Drysealed tubes – tubes manufactured with phosphorus copper alloy (UNS – 12200), which are extruded in presses or in the “cast and roll process”, based on the rolling of a tube manufactured in continuous casting. They have a wide range of measurements, which can vary from Ø 4.76 to Ø 22.22mm, in several wall width measures. To facilitate small installations, these tubes also be manufactured in the form of pancakes, with standardized dimensions, avoiding the use of welds and reducing the amount of connections.

Inner grooved tubes - Seamless copper tubes, with grooves in its inner diameter. These grooves increasing, significantly, the internal area of the tube compared to the dryseald tube, providing gain and increasing the heat exchange performance of equipment, which can be designed in small size.

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