TM 23 bronze covers stand out among the many products of Termomecanica and, like the others, are a reference in the market for their quality. They are produced especially for the sugarcane and alcohol sector and manufactured with TM 23 bronze, an exclusive alloy.

Lead does not dissolve in solid bronze alloys; it stays isolated as small nodules in a ternary matrix Cu-Sn-Zn. In the clearance between the shaft and the bearing, lead occupies the space between the shaft and the metal where it is deposited, preventing or delaying locking.

Naturally only a small amount of lead is used, and the action described above does not take long when there is total lack of lubrication. When the lack of lubricant is occasional, as for instance, when a machine starts, or when the oil film has not been restored, lead is very useful. Also when lubrication is poor, lead is of great importance in extending the bearing lifetime.

Besides the conventional TM 23 bronze bushings, sugar cane and alcohol plants can also use the TM 23 bronze cover with a steel internal refrigeration coil system, which provides more efficient heat exchange and guarantees a longer useful life for the bearings.

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