Rolled products, the generic name for sheets, strips and plates, are manufactured with many different alloys and in different dimensions and shapes. This line of products is supplied in coils or in straight sheets, in various widths, according to the different specifications of the consumer market.

Elox and electrolytic copper strips are used in the production of waveguides and flexible cables, electronic components, screening for telecommunication cables, gutters, roof tiles, switches, terminals and electrical contacts.

Fins for tubes and gutters are made of phosphoric copper because, when phosphor is added to copper, it acts as a deoxidizer. Tomback brass is used in capsules for cartridges, ornaments and electrical contacts. Cartridges are also made with 70 / 30 brass and with wire-rod brass, and the same alloys can be used in the production of musical instruments, lamp sockets, shoe eyelets, electronic components, radiator reservoirs, springs, trays, ornaments, hinges and sanitary ware metals. Keys for locks and for the automotive line and gears of clocks are usually made of forjaflex brass. Silicon brass is appropriate for general mechanical use, in components which need to be very hard. Micro addition copper is used in the manufacture of radiator fins for heat dissipation.

Rolled products made of phosphoric bronze are the preferred option for applications in items that demand the so called “spring effect”. This can be obtained in different alloys with varied mechanical properties by the use of different amounts of tin, a metal that gives the alloy more anti-corrosion properties, and also significantly improves its mechanical resistance. It is usually applied in electrical contacts, parts for switches, fuse boxes etc.

Besides these alloys, Termomecanica also manufactures rolled products with special alloys that are developed for the needs of the market or to meet customer orders.

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Termomecanica, one of the major private companies in Brazil, is a leader in the non-ferrous metals (copper and its alloys) processing sector.
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