Termomecanica bronze alloys are a reference in the market for their high quality, resistance and durability, providing an excellent cost-benefit ratio for the customer. Tin increases the mechanical resistance and the hardness of the copper alloys.

When using copper as a base and tin as an element of the alloy, we can obtain a very resistant metallic alloy, called bronze, which is very resistant to corrosion and can be polished to a high gloss.

TM 23 Bronze

TM 23 bronze is an alloy developed and patented by Termomecanica that has become a reference in the market. It has good resistance to corrosion, an excellent anti-friction quality, excellent machinability and high formability for the production of bushings and bearings, or for controlled-wear elements.

This material is used to make water pumps, valve bodies, bushings, bearings, bushes, crowns, rings, hydraulic materials and fittings, bearing components, wearing plates, high speed and high pressure bearings, mill train bearings, mill gear trains, bushings for presses, brake shoes, seatbacks, sliding bearings, elements or parts that require resistance to corrosion, light pressure teeth cast gears for locomotives and in any equipment or machine with poor lubrication.

TM 620 Bronze

This alloy is harder than TM 23 bronze. Its properties include good machinability, good resistance to salt-water corrosion, good performance in structural parts, good welding and high resistance to impact and energy absorption.

It is usually employed in the production of piston rings, valve components, gears and bushings for heavy loads and low speeds. It is also used in steam connections, expansion joints, screws, nuts, housings and rotors for pumps, O-rings, condenser components, shaft seatings, flanges and parts resistant to pressure and high temperatures.

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