Manufactured by Termomecanica since the start, bars, rods and sections are still a mainstay of the company’s production. This is mainly extruded material, our first line of semi-processed products. And still, today, one of the most important, with a huge number of uses throughout Brazilian industry, as well as many applications in the foreign market.

  • Material produced in elox copper is usually applied where high electrical conductivity is required but not oxygen, for example, when special folding is necessary.
  • Silver elox copper is used in applications where greater resistance to heating is needed such as, for example, in the manufacturing of collectors or when it is necessary to combine electrical conductivity with greater toughness than is found in other highly conductive copper alloys. These characteristics vary according to the grade of silver in the alloy.
  • Electrolytic copper is used as a general conductor, and for anodes in alkaline copper electroplating baths (also copper for phosphoric acid baths), collectors, contact sections, flat bars, electrical switches and electrical boxes, as a base for the generation of energy and for the technological development of the country.
  • Special screws and blowpipe beaks (which require good resistance to high temperatures) are made of tellurium copper. It is also applied in materials where it is necessary to get good electrical conductivity combined with good machinability (the presence of tellurium does not reduce the conductivity of copper excessively, and it enhances machinability as well as resistance to corrosion).
  • Nuts and screws that need high mechanical resistance or are used in harsh weather conditions are also manufactured with the alloys called cobredur and everdur.
  • American free cutting (CLA) brass is the prevailing raw material in the market. It is used to make nuts, screws, sanitary ware metals, bushings, plug pins, metal parts for electrical switches, machining parts in general or in the process of threading, tire valves, thermostats and special sections (for padlocks, gas bottle valves, etc.).

Other popular alloys in this line are:

  • European Free Cutting (CLE) brass, used for the same purposes as CLA, as well as in components of pens and lighters;
  • Naval brass, for parts and equipment resistant to salt water corrosion;
  • Forjaflex brass, a material of good drawability, excellent machinability and good cold forming, that is widely used in the manufacture of auto parts such as tire valves, and wire-rod brass, used for the production of ornaments.
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Termomecanica, one of the major private companies in Brazil, is a leader in the non-ferrous metals (copper and its alloys) processing sector.
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