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The major technological advances achieved by Termomecanica since the start has ensured its leadership of the sector for some decades.

The company pioneered the replacement of traditional oil-fired furnaces with a system of smelting using electromagnetic induction. Subsequently, smelting was creatively adapted for lateral exit, producing greater metallostatic pressure. And, when there was still little discussion of these matters, the upcast smelting system was introduced, substantially improving the performance of the equipment.

Continuous smelting allowed TM 23 Bronze to be introduced – this bronze is used for bearings and other purposes, and became famous for its capacity to exceed all the international standards of resistance to wear and fatigue, and for its compliance and adaptability for use where lubrication is uncertain or non-existent, consequently proving more economical.

The majority of machines used in the company were manufactured in-house, and the company continues to invest in new technology, so as to reduce costs and boost productivity and competitiveness.

TM has invested heavily in modernizing its plants in recent years.


Current smelting capacity is as high as 140 thousand tons a year, with the support of a modern laboratory and the most advanced technology for controlling raw material and smelted alloys.

Latest-generation laboratory equipment has always been a major part of the company’s investments. Thus, in the 1960s, a Hilger spectrograph and a Philips X-ray spectrometer were acquired, which were considered very advanced at the time. In 1970, a new qualitative leap was made, with the purchase of an atomic absorption spectrometer, which allows the elements of an alloy to be identified more accurately.

Over the years, the company has maintained its philosophy of constant modernization. We now have cutting-edge equipment, such as fluorescent X-ray spectrometers, optical and plasma spectrometers, universal traction machines, instruments for analyzing electric conductivity, and microscopes with special software for metallographic analysis, infrared oxygen analyzers, and all the resources needed to carry out standard testing of products and inputs. All this investment is justified by our uninterrupted production and the diversification of the alloys produced.

One of the most obvious benefits of this constant modernization process is the guarantee of chemical quality of our products. Today, with strict quality control becoming a priority throughout the world, the company is proud to possess the finest equipment for qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis, for example, as well as investing in training its staff to handle new technology and the corresponding processes.

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Termomecanica, one of the major private companies in Brazil, is a leader in the non-ferrous metals (copper and its alloys) processing sector.
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