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"He was a self-made management, and when he died 20 years ago, he left the company capitalized and the lesson of never giving up, being selfless and investing continuously in technology, to always be ahead."

Regina Celi Venâncio, Director-President


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Exactly 20 years ago Salvador Arena died in the 83nd, a visionary entrepreneur with only $ 200 created, in 1942, Termomecanica, manufacturing industry and other products in semi-finished products, such as pipes and connections, in 2016 it earned R $ 1.1 billion - the result of the year and is only disclosed in April. The company, however, has gone through an economic downturn by expanding exports, investing in technology and maintaining 2,350 jobs, by following Arena's teachings and continuing at the forefront. In addition, a foundation that bears his name, created in 1964, when there was still talk about projects, teaches free 3,000 students from preschool to college in São Bernardo - in 1998 there were 700 (read more below).

"The $ 200 from Light, where he worked as an engineer, was enough to open the company, do documentation and pay the first rent at the most, but his biggest asset was his ingenuity. spare parts for machines and forums for bakeries - at a time when only wood-fired oven .How to get your business, dissolving scrap.He was a self-made management (and built his empire from scratch), and when he died 20 years ago , left a company capitalized and the lesson of never giving up, being unselfish and investing continuously in technology, for ever, "says the director-president of the company and the foundation, Regina Celi Venâncio.

When a command transition was carried out, Regina was afraid of the market, even if the conglomerate's growth was compromised. In his lifetime, Arena held 70% of the shares - a privately held company - but when he turned 80, he spent 100% of the papers for a foundation that are successful with Termomecanica. The company, which moved to São Bernardo in 1959 at the invitation of then-mayor Lauro Gomes - to date, was in Mooca, Capital - almost quadrupled its net worth, which in 1998 was $ 250.2 million and, today, it reaches US $ 800 million.

The total of the profit calculated annually, 30% follow the payment of PLR (Profit Sharing and Profit Sharing), the remainder divides them into modernization, expansion and dividends to the foundation. In the last two decades, R $ 200 million were invested in the whole of Termomecanica and, in the last three years, R $ 30 million per year. "We continue to invest in the crisis because, when an economy resumes growth, we are going ahead," says Regina, citing that in 2015 a line was launched to manufacture aluminum items.

Decision that guaranteed the survival to the turbulence was bet on the export, in 2010, it answered for 2.5% of the production and today, it reaches 20%. "In 2011, we acquired the Cembrass plants in Chile (which has treaties with many other countries) and in Argentina, which have become platforms for "We are preparing back there and today we are reaping fruit. This is the way back," said Regina, while the idea is to increase sales to other countries by another 10% this year.

Its bet is, inclusive, that is the billing of 2017 and reached the value superior to 2015, that reached R $ 1.25 billion. "We should not grow so much in volume (around 75,000 tons), but in the export update, especially in the North American market, we are still starting to react. We were benefited by the valorization of commodities, for a ton of copper of US $ 4,500 to $ 7,000. "

A financial management director Márcia Uemura highlights another factor that has helped a company in recent years. "In the face of the reality that many customers have reduced their sales volumes, and if they saw themselves indebted and without access to credit, we helped them through the payment deadlines, but we made a profit on the financial investments , both to help them and to invest our cash, "he says.

Free education benefits 3,000 students.

Part of the investment of the Salvador Arena Foundation, which has its own resources and our last 15 years has surpassed a mark of R $ 500 million in social projects, especially not Great ABC, is focused on Education. Created in 1989, the educational center of the entity, one of the initiatives, became the 'object' of desire of practically every resident of the region, by study of the tip and without charging anything for it. Not even teaching materials, uniforms and students' food. At the time, the Thermomechanical College of Early Childhood Education until High School, in addition to Technical Education.

When Salvador Arena died in 1998, there were 700 students enrolled. Today, there are 3,000. The volume also grew by the creation of the disputed Faculty of Thermomechanical Technology in 2003. The institution is the only free private university in the whole country. "Dr. Arena had a goal. And we commit ourselves to concretizing it and expanding it, in order not to disappoint its legacy, "says the president of the foundation and the company, Regina Celi Venâncio.

To enter the college, Regina says that 20 places are reserved to employees for the preschool, which is defined by lottery. Those who have not been able to find a job leave the general process, through the Federal Lottery, and open to anyone, since it is not necessary to live in the region or have a link with the company. "The staff try their luck twice. Here, internally, sometimes we have between 100 and 150 people in the dispute. And for the general public, 10,000. "

The executive director of the foundation, Luis Carlos Rabello, explains that half of the vacancies are directed to those who receive up to a minimum wage and a half per capita. "In high school, those who have an average of seven pass automatically. And we open more places for the community, which provides college entrance examination, even kind of college selective process. "

About 2% of revenue goes to employee training.

The Board of Directors of Termomecanica points out that a key factor for the success of the company in the 20 years without Salvador Arena is the intensification of the investment in the training of the 2,350 employees - 1,800 of the factory and the distribution center of the Rudge Ramos neighborhood, 350 of the foundation, and the another 200 that operate in plants in Chile and Argentina, in Manaus, Amazonas, and in the distribution center of Joinville, Santa Catarina.

Eight years ago the Corporate University was instituted, where all the employees pass through qualification. "We have an individual development plan, so if a person needs technical training to better develop his or her role, he will have it. The same goes for leadership and management, "says the foundation and company president, Regina Celi Venâncio. "We've had trainings here at the factory, called on the job, even in classrooms or at the educational center. There are short-term technical courses, sequential courses and Distance Learning (ODL). "

Annually, around 2% of Termomecanica's payroll is invested in the maintenance of the program.

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