Termomecanica anticipates and adopts measures to incorporate industry standards 4.0

Quinta-Feira, 19 de Julho de 2018 às 07:13:12

"This set of data allows a complete analysis that evaluates the efficiency of the process and also more accurately detects plant bottlenecks, even directing investments more objectively"

Luiz Henrique Caveagna, Director of Industrial Operations.


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Termomecanica, a leader in the transformation of non-ferrous metals, copper and its alloys, goes ahead and is investing in initiatives that will enable it to achieve Industry 4.0 status. Resources are being allocated to the tripod People - Processes - Technology, crucial to the process of digital transformation and that helps lead businesses to the new industrial revolution. In addition to the implantation of sensors in more than 30 equipment on the factory floor and real pointing resources, more than 130 measurement points were installed in the two TM plants in ABC.

A survey conducted by the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FIESP) in 2017, with 227 companies, showed that one third of them did not even know expressions such as the fourth industrial revolution or industry 4.0. Meanwhile, in Termomecanica there is already a team focused on technological innovation with vision for modernization of the plant through equipment prepared for Industry 4.0. Investments that will be made in new machine acquisitions will be considered new points of sensing and data capture.

In terms of IT, R $ 1.2 million was invested in the Real Note and R $ 300 thousand in other related projects. Termomecanica has explored technologies like Internet of Things (IOT), big data and digital not only in the industrial area, but also commercial and administrative. In the last three years, R $ 1.6 million was invested in IoT and R $ 2.5 million in process drawings to make them digital, highlighting the pioneering electronic customer relationship channel.

The sensors implemented in the laminating, drawing, casting and extrusion equipment, among others, provide various types of data such as: machine state (connected and producing, switched off, connected but not in production, speed of some component, consumption power). In addition to the sensors, modules for input of industrial process information (called PODs) are also used, which allow the operator to inform the conditions of his work. "This dataset allows for a thorough analysis that evaluates the effectiveness of the process and also more accurately detects plant bottlenecks, even targeting investments more objectively," said Luiz Henrique Caveagna, Industrial Director of Termomecanica.

According to Walter Sanches, the industry concept 4.0, which requires long-term efforts and significant investments, has been somewhat distorted and companies have been betting much more on technology than on other components of the tripod. TM, however, has tried to contemplate in its initiatives all the points that underlie the preparation of the company for this stage of maturity. "A relevant impact is that we can not think of Industry 4.0 exclusively as factory automation. Several support processes will have to be rethought to support calculations with low level of human interaction, significantly increasing productivity per capita. We are talking about many processes involved in several areas of the company, "he emphasizes.

In order to foster new ideas and engage its leaders, the theme and concept of Industry 4.0 are also being worked on by the Corporate University Salvador Arena. The participants, at the end of the course, will have to present proposals of action with real applicability in the day to day of the Termomecanica.

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