At 75 years Termomecanica preserves legacy and bets on innovation

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It is a great challenge to replace someone like Engineer Salvador Arena, a visionary who has left a company with excellent financial health, reputation and image based on seriousness and ethics, which today many companies are pursuing when adopting compliance practices.

Dra. Regina Celi Venâncio, President of Termomecanica.


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A leader in copper processing, the company maintains its solidity by investing in the modernization of its manufacturing facilities, in increasing productivity and in managing people.

The Brazilian industrial sector, due to a combination of factors such as adverse economic times, fragile sectoral policies, poor infrastructure and intense international competition, faces major challenges. Faced with this complex scenario, the ability of national industries to remain competitive, productive, profitable and able to manufacture advanced products is put to the test. In this context, the successful trajectory of Termomecanica, which celebrates 75 years this year, is evidence that it is possible to overcome barriers and achieve success by choosing the path of innovation.

Considered one of the most prosperous and solid national companies, the company based in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), is one of the largest industries in the country and leads the non-ferrous metal transformation sector (copper and its alloys). With a turnover of almost R $ 1.1 billion in 2016, the company has reinvented itself and, at the same time, preserves some essential premises that have become the basis of its success: innovation, value-added product offering, ethics, human capital and the quest for self-sufficiency.

Over the last 20 years, a Board of Trustees of the Salvador Arena Foundation, the controller of Termomecanica, composed of 13 advisers who have received from the founder, Engenheiro Salvador Arena, the mission of running the company, has worked to formalize and systematize modern management and compliance practices, based on the lessons and policies adopted since the beginning of the operation. It was also this management that projected the company to other markets. An internationalization strategy was put in place, culminating in the acquisition of two factories - one in Chile and another in Argentina - and with the use of infrastructure and equipment resources that allowed to increase even more the quality of products and the competitiveness of Termomecanica in the face of competition. In the last five years, about R $ 150 million has been spent in its factories in São Bernardo, in modern equipment, technology, research and development, in the installation of a new industrial unit in Manaus (AM), a Distribution Center in Joinville , in addition to a new line of production of Aluminum.

"It is a great challenge to replace someone like Engineer Salvador Arena, a visionary who has left a company with excellent financial health, reputation and image based on seriousness and ethics, which today many companies are pursuing when adopting compliance practices. The Board sought to continue business, responding to market and competitiveness challenges, above all, to keep the Foundation's social projects in progress, whose resources are generated here at Termomecanica. It is the perseverance in this orientation that has motivated us, over the years, to overcome the frequent difficulties, "says Dr. Regina Celi Venâncio, president of Termomecanica and the Curator Council.

In recent years, the company has made a jump in export volume, which has evolved above double-digit annually. In 2010, only 1.7% of production was exported. In 2016, 15% of sales were destined for export. Termomecanica exports to several countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, Guatemala, Israel, India, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Vietnam), but its main consumer market outside Brazil is the United States, which accounts for 50% of exports. This result can be attributed to the high technical capacity achieved through investments, mainly in the modernization of manufacturing processes and equipment, especially in the pipe and rolling line. Entering new markets and further expanding the international presence are among the next goals, starting in 2018, according to the president.

The increase in exports allowed the maintenance of most of the jobs and partly compensated for the low domestic demand, caused by the political and economic crisis that, together with the sharp drop in international copper prices, caused a reduction in operating income in 2016. Despite of the adversities faced, the company's solid financial structure enabled it to obtain a good net profit in the year.

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Termomecanica, one of the major private companies in Brazil, is a leader in the non-ferrous metals (copper and its alloys) processing sector.
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